At the Hot Gates


See what kids have to say about Donald's presentations

I really liked hearing the story behind the book.

You inspired me to write a book.

I now am thinking about getting notebook for all my ideas.  When I grow up I want to be a writer and all the things you talked about really helped me to think more like a writer.

You had the most awesome presentation!

I think that you are very funny.  It was very exciting to be in the presence of a real author with real published books!

Your talk was awesome.

I really liked it when you were talking about your sons.  It was my favorite part.

I loved your talk.  The part I liked the most was when you told us all the stories of when you had the best idea and you weren’t prepared like when you went to the restaurant and you had to use a napkin and a pen instead of a paper and a pen.

I liked how you gave us tips about writing.

I learned to bring a pad of paper and a pen with me wherever I go, in case I get a really good idea in an odd place.

I thought your talk would be boring, but it turned out to be fun.

I was so excited because I finally got to see and hear a real and live writer who wrote about dragons.

I liked how you were funny and showed all the steps you went through as a writer.

When you said it took ten years to write a book, I groaned.  I better get started!

You are both funny and educational.  You used a lot of show, not tell; you didn’t just tell the story you showed more.

You really inspired me to maybe be an author.

Thank you for coming and making the rest of my day happy.

You made us gasp at some times and laugh other times.

When I grow up I am going to be an author.  I know it would be hard work, but it would be worth it.

My name is Max, I am 10 years old, and you inspired me to write my own book.

Once they had another author come in but she didn’t explain how to publish a book very well, but your assembly was the best I’ve ever heard.

Today I made a connection with an activity we did in class and what you talked to us about.  We had to edit each other’s grammar books and it connected with what you were talking about when your editor had to edit your unfinished book a bunch of times. Now I understand how you feel!

I learned a lot about editing from you.

We’ve been editing our grammar books for a month, but now I know it’s only so we can become better writers.

After listening to you I have made a connection with language arts.

You inspired me to write better.

I realized that what you were talking about at the assembly we were learning in class.

After your presentation, I realized that I want to be a writer or even an author.

What you said inspires me that we all have the potential to write a story or even a book. So thank you because I’m not really a good writer and you gave me a boost.

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