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The Dragon Boy

Awards For The Dragon Boy

Gold Medal Winner of the 2009
Moonbeam Children's Awards
for Best First Book

2010 Finalist in Young Adult Fiction
Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Silver Medal in the Mom's Choice Awards
for Fantasy, Myths, and Legends

The Dragon Boy has an imaginative, adventurous quality while upholding archetypes that speak at a deeper, moral level. This is much needed in our world these days to meet boys in a positive, healthy way. The author's use of language is age-appropriate, enlivening and descriptive which allows for fluent reading while being introduced to new words. Appropriate for the target age of 4th grade and up.
Kelly Morrow, M Ed
Elementary School Teacher
Reading Specialist/Therapeutic Educator

The Dragon Boy was engaging from cover to cover; full of wonders, adventures, surprises and magic! It will capture the imagination of any child or adult that picks it up and gets started. I couldn't put it down!
Dorothea Altgelt
Elementary School Teacher

Once again I have discovered a children's author who speaks universal truths that can serve as a guide to help navigate this complex world. The Dragon Boy is a delight for young readers with strong role models, soulful images, and just enough action to make it spicy and adventuresome. For those of us who search for symbol and metaphor to meet those parts of ourselves that need taming, his book provides a model of how to nurture and attend to our inner worlds I look forward to the sequels.
Sage Hamilton
Thirty-year teaching veteran in conventional, Waldorf, and
alternative education.

The Dragon Boy, Book One of the Star Trilogy by Donald Samson, is an exciting read for young (and older) adults. It's an engaging story about a Boy and his captivating dragon, Star. Reminiscent of the Tolkien Trilogy, suspense builds as the Boy matures and sets off on a quest in a magical land. The Dragon Boy is a quality literary tale that leaves the reader anxiously awaiting for the next book in the trilogy! As a reading specialist and an educator, I highly recommend this book for school libraries and a great high interest book for summer reading. It's definitely a five star!
Janeen Ledford
College professor and author

I just finished reading The Dragon Boy and thought that this book deserved a round of applause. Donald Samson put more than his heart into this book. This book was truly amazing and brought me to a fantastical world I have not been to in many years. The end however is by far what made me feel the way I do about this book. I thought the final two chapters were wonderful, inspiring, and heartwarming. It gave me a joyous feeling and I am very excited for the sequel.
A Kid's Review

I met the author, Donald Samson, while perusing through Barnes and Noble; he engaged me in quiet conversation. I decided I liked him, picked up his book, he offered to sign it and I brought it home to my boys. I did not have high expectations when I cracked open the book. Another dragon story? No, not just a dragon story. Mr. Samson fabuously reaches out to boys in a way that encourages their fancies to take flight on wings of tenacity, industry, strength, intellect, trust, courage, respect and of course, love. Love for the beauty that deserves the admiration, and for boys this age, it's not about girls! The sentence structure is appealing for reluctant readers as it flows as quick as the storyline. Every chapter has something worth reflection. Highly recommend it for newly independent readers on up!
"Analyze and Educate"

Donald Samson's The Dragon Boy speaks to the same general audience that made the Harry Potter books so successful; boys and girls at the cusp of puberty, longing for the security of childhood, but eager for the adventure and unpredictability of the next stage of their lives. Rowlings' books are written like the screenplays they were meant to become, and her characters have a cardboard, stereotype quality to them. Donald Samson's book is good literature, beautifully written, with a feeling for descriptive detail and a sense of speech rarely encountered in today's young adult book world. Samson's story marries the medieval and the modern -- just where and when is all this taking place -- and captures the consciousness of a young man who is at once dreamy and wide awake, naive and cunning, bullied and dauntless. Its truest antecedent might be Wagner's Siegfried, although Samson's generosity of spirit extends far more sympathy to his dragon than does Wagner! I hope that this book will attract a wide audience of all ages.
Eugene Schwartz

This was a well written coming-of-age story which held my 10 year old son's attention (which is difficult for a non-anime book as he really likes the pictures). It was fun to read together. I liked it, too.

I love this book! Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. I wish it had been written when my sons were young--I was always looking for this kind of thing then. You're always wondering what will happen next. It's got adventure, mystery, and dragons. But underneath the interesting story and interaction of the characters, there are messages that connect deeply--about the journey of life, courage, and perhaps a hint that it's love and devotion that has the power to dissolve our inner dragons.

My son and I are reading this book and we look forward to each night. I always stop at some intense point and therefore I have to hid the book until the next night or else he would read ahead. When is the next one coming out? Let us fans know!
Georgina Carson

I got this book for my 10th birthday. The author signed it for my mom at a bookstore in Woodland Hills. I finished it in three days because it was fantastic! I loved reading about the dragon. He was friendly, lucky and big. Boy was the main character. He was a very special young lad that grew up in the dumps. He grew up to be courageous. You won't regret reading this story! I can't wait till the next two books are published!
A Kid's Review

My 11 year old son had been looking for a new "series" of books. Harry Potter did not grab him - boring. My son would rather be doing something outside than read it. Then we found The Dragon Boy. A friend said it was her son's favorite series. I gave the two books to my son on December 5th and he has declared them his "FAVORITE" books! This is no small feat. He has actually sits and reads a few pages to get his fix when my husband isn't home to read it to him. That's huge for a boy who is too busy to read - most of the time.
Knitting Mama

This book was exciting from start to finish. I want to see it in the movies. I read it in three days and ran out and bought the second book. The Dragon Boy is an awesome read. It was a story that you can connect to. Like a parable that can be applied to different circumstances in life. The lessons learned are never to give up, trust someone, press forward, and for sure, sometimes things get tougher before they get better. Your reward can be right around the corner if you don't give up.
A Reader

A boy of mysterious origin, who gets the opportunity to help take care of, and then become fast friends with, an immense and beautiful dragon---and in his coming of age, is trained to become a knight of future fame--what's not to like? Through it all, universal values of patience, devotion to ideal, respect, and steady and careful work, train a boy into a young man of character and skill, ready for adventures. Parents and teachers will enjoy reading this one out loud to their children and students, young readers will love the dragon adventure, and I was immersed in the story from start to finish and can't wait for the next installment in the trilogy!
Anonymous Reader

This book is an amazing read. From start to finish it is filled with mystery, adventure, and amazing descriptions. It's imagery is wonderful and creates a warming story. I would recommend this story for anyone, but I think it will be more appreciated by a younger crowd '10 and up'.
A Reader

An outstanding story packed with excitement from cover to cover. The author did an excellent job and his writing style forms vivid images throughout the book. All in all, this book is a wonderful read that held my interest from start to finish!
Anonymous Reader

I should probably admit it at the outset that until a year or so ago, I never read this sort of book. No, my time was almost always spent reading academic tomes but Harry Potter, which I picked up on a lark got me hooked and The Dragon Boy kept the momentum going. I have now finished book one of Donald Samson's Star Trilogy and found it fascinating. I just kept turning pages deeply caught up in this very well told tale of a boy who loves a very special dragon. Clearly written for a young adult audience, it nevertheless kept this aging boomer turning pages with a smile.
Professor Steven Leibo

I received a copy of The Dragon Boy one, and book two from my sister many years ago. She had got these two copies at a book signing, and gave them to me for Christmas. I did not get to them until a long time later. It was when my husband's life was hanging in the balance that I started to read them. They helped me through that time, and are on my favorite list along with Jean M. Auels books. The image of Star in an enraged state, and a calm state and the lessons the dragon passed on, helped to calm my fears I was facing with my real life. And the books continue to take me away.
Many thanks

Ollie Argo, A Reader

Enjoyed all 3 books immensely ... please continue the series somehow. I myself (52 years old) have not been interested in reading anything literary until your books and I found myself as excited about bed time when we read your books as my daughter.
Anonymous Reader

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