At the Hot Gates


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Read this stirring recounting of the famed
battle of Thermopylae:
At the Hot Gates
New release from AWSNA Publications
by Donald Samson

The Star Trilogy
by Donald Samson

...“I see you have a good eye for dragons,” the old man said, indicating the carved figure in the knight’s hand. “There are many kinds of dragons, you know. There are the wild ones, like Scorch. But there are Luck Dragons as well. Like the one you’re holding there. They do exist, you know, in spite of what people say.”

- From the Dragon of Two Hearts by Donald Samson

Come and enter the world of The Star Trilogy, where a Dragon is something more than what it seems.

The Dragon Boy
Gold Medal Winner of the 2009
Moonbeam Children's Book Award for Best First Book

The Dragon of Two Hearts
Silver Medal Winner of the 2010
Moonbeam Children's Book Award for Young Adult Fantasy

The Dragon, the Blade and the Thread
Bronze Medal Winner of the 2011
Moonbeam Children's Book Award For Young Adult Fantasy

2012 Colorado Book Award Finalist
For Young Adult Literature